Why Body Logic?

As a mum, spouse, entrepreneur and trained professional,
I know first-hand how essential self-care is. It’s a pleasure to offer you my services so you can feel and look your best.

My Services

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Opening hours:

Monday – Tuesday 5:30pm – 9pm

Wednesday – Friday  9am – 6pm

Saturday  9pm – 1pm


Izabela Pirwitz

+41 78 617 12 34



Hofstrasse 39, 6300 Zug

Parking space:

Besucher 39 – 41

Public transport:

S2 train grom Zug Bahhnhof to Zug Fridbach

Bus 14 from Zug Metalli to Zug Roost

Look for:

Plain oranage buildings on your left hand side (if old town is behind you), walk zigzag path up to nr 39, along the mailboxes and long green slide.