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About Our Products


LYCON is the world leader in quality waxes that deliver superior results. But there’s more to the brand than meets the eye… LYCON is a Waxing System, not just wax! Our low temperature, super pliable and gentle waxes provide a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra comfort on even the most sensitive skins. It is no wonder clients and therapists the world over love LYCON! The Lycon waxing system waxes the most difficult and intimate areas with minimal pain and stress, and is super gentle on the skin.

Hot wax is recommended for sensitive areas (face, underarms, bikini line) or for coarse hair removal. Strip wax is suitable for larger areas such as arms, legs, back and chest. This wax contains conditions and soothes without leaving a sticky residue on the skin.

Does it hurt? The pre-waxing oil applied creates a barrier between the skin and the wax. The skin is not pulled with the wax, which is what hurts: only the hair is gripped by the wax. Result: 50% pain reduction! Lycon Hot Waxes are a low temperature formula. They remove hair as short as 1mm, are very pliable and painless for most clients. All Lycon Hot Waxes have the same base formula, with the additions of sensuous aromatherapy oils, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide and colours.


Brow Henna is a great solution for clients who’d like a more filled-in look without having to use makeup or a brow pencil, as well as for clients who’d like their brows to remain darker than their natural brow color for as long as their shaping lasts. It’s a long-lasting dye for both brow and skin: a fantastic way to try a brow shape before committing to semi-permanent makeup or to shape and color your brows temporarily.

It will last on the hairs for up to 6 weeks which is almost twice as long as regular tint. Brow Henna contains less chemicals so it is a better option for sensitive skin, however if you ever experienced any allergic reaction to any type of brow/lash tint please do inform your technician about it. Brow Henna tints and stains the skin giving you a fuller 3D effect. Brow Henna can tint the skin anywhere from 2-10 days and stays on the hair much longer.


he Oxygen Infusion Facial is a treatment that gives an intense boost to your skin. During this facial we infuse active preparations into the deep layers of the skin using pure oxygen. It is an effective method for rejuvenating your skin, moisturizing at the cellular level and reducing wrinkles. Depending on the skin’s condition, we start the treatment either with microdermabrasion, cavitation peel or enzymatic face peel for the best results.

A serum composed of concentrated active ingredients is pressed with pure, compressed oxygen into the deep layers of the skin. Visible effects can be seen immediately after the treatment. These spectacular results are achieved thanks to the highly concentrated active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and algal extracts. This advanced facial treatment benefits the whole face, including the eye area and lips.

The DermaOxy product have many benefits such as stimulation of collagen production, nourishment and increase of skin elasticity It also maintains and restores the skin’s moisture balance by adding new hyaluronic acid, improves areas with small wrinkles, the appearance of sensitive skin and rosacea as well as dull and dry skin. Recommended before any special occasion (two days prior to the event is suggested) or after sun exposure.